This is a highly specialized audio device for brainwave entrainment audio applications. Learn more...

To evaluate these plug-ins for compatibility with your system, you should use the 4ormulator Vocoder Extreme plug-ins which have the same audio functionality -- but without the brainwave entrainment features


WARNING: Persons with seizure disorders or related neurological problems should not use these devices. Caution must be observed. These are powerful devices that can have profound effects on the listener. Purchaser assumes all responsibility. A waver of liability agreement is required.


A DirectX or VST audio host running on a 2 GHz or faster PC computer system. These are 'stereo only' plug-ins and headphones are recommended for maximum brainwave entrainment effect.

This revolutionary device produces audio 'effects' which utilize brainwave entrainment functions integrated at the core level of a vocoder effects processor. Unlike previous entrainment methods, there is no simple addition of beat frequency sine waves to the audio. Instead, each component of a complex vocoder signal is split into left-right pairs that are individually encoded to produce an entrainment frequency. This results in a vocoder effect processor that naturally produces the brainwave entrainment effect within the actual harmonics of the music itself -- effortlessly, musically, and precisely.

Using DangerWaveTM processing technology, brainwave entrainment encoding is added to the audio of the vocoder. The Hypnos Vocoder contains all of the features and controls that are also found in the 4ormulator Vocoder Extreme plug-in. All effects created for the 4ormulator can be imported directly -- allowing you to transparently add entrainment control to 4ormulator effects!


Both DirectX and VST versions of this plug-in are included:

DirectX - Entrainment frequency between 00.01 and 50.00 Hertz. To simplify production automation, the entrainment frequency can be set to automatically glide with sample accuracy between different frequencies at a controlled rate that is adjusted in 'minutes per octave'.

VST - Entrainment frequency between 00.01 and 30.00 Hertz. All controls are automation ready for the most demanding entrainment applications.

A library of effect banks, and User Guides are included.

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